Struggling with Shoulder Pain?

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Have you experienced shoulder pain? Your shoulder joint is responsible for the largest range of motion in your body which can make it almost impossible for you to pinpoint the cause of the pain. There are almost infinite causes of shoulder pain, but the most common causes include, neck and upper back problems, wear and tear in shoulder joint, frequent exercise and car accidents. Shoulder pain can bring on mild to severe pain. You use your shoulder joints everyday, multiple times, so it is important to take care of your shoulder joint to prevent disruptive issues in your everyday tasks. Shoulder injuries may seem tolerable; however, you should have your shoulder pain evaluated by a trained St. Louis chiropractor to avoid a worsening condition.

Shoulder Pain in St. Louis

Certain shoulder pain symptoms are more prevalent than others. Therefore, any pain in the shoulder should be evaluated precisely. If you experience week long, lingering pain in the shoulder, difficulty lifting your arm above shoulder, chronic shoulder pain, struggle to lift objects, increasing pain of the shoulder in the evening, swelling, bruising, clicking noises during use, you are in immediate need of chiropractic help.

When determining the best approach to shoulder pain, the cause of pain plays the largest role. Successful and effective treatments will require a complete understanding and evaluation of the pain. Our chiropractic team at Full Circle Health is specialized in relieving your shoulder pain. Working as a team and combining our knowledge, we will do our best to create a plan to put you on the road to recovery.

Therapies for Shoulder Pain

The neck and upper back are the main bear most of the support for the shoulder joints. Spinal misalignments can create nerve irritation from the spine to the shoulder which can cause many problems. Essentially what happens, is the shoulder joint will lack the support to deal with the load it bears. Repetitive stress on overused parts of the body is when injuries can occur. If a spinal realignment does not provide relief to you, our team at Full Circle Health has many other techniques to heal your shoulder pain. Finding the underlying issue and fixing it, is almost always the solution to the pain.

Our chiropractic team has numerous ways of relieving shoulder pain effectively. Contact Full Circle Health in St. Louis today for answers to questions and to schedule an appointment!

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